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Jim Infantino

Jim’s Big Ego

noplace like nowhere

noplace like nowhere

released 2000

This time the Big Ego seriously outdoes itself with an UnPop masterpiece. 11 songs beautifully produced by Jason Schneider, Ducky Carlisle & Jim Infantino. Featuring Jesse Flack on bass & Jesse Vena on Drums - guest performances by Phil Broikos, Dave Crossland, Steve Sadler, Barbara LaRonga, and a host of others. Recorded and mixed at Room 9 from Outer Space.

"While the star of the show is definitely Infantino's absurd, often poignant songwriting, the musical arrangements are what make the words soar. The melodies ultimately deposit the lyrics on your tongue, and can cause embarrassing outbreaks of spontaneous public singing."

  • Seven Days, Burlington, Vermont

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