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Jim Infantino holding a guitar pic


Jim Infantino

Jim Infantino grew up in the Manhattan of the 70s and 80s where he met Dave Van Ronk at the Speakeasy Open Mic. He studied Philosophy in Philadelphia and decided to move to Boston to become a busker. After playing the local coffeehouses and touring with Ellis Paul, Jon Svetkey, & Brian Doser under the name End Construction Productions, as well as two separate tours with Chris Chander and Dar Williams, he formed a band called Jim’s Big Ego. He has 7 albums with his band and 3 solo recordings. His songs have been featured repeatedly on the Doctor Demento Show, and All Things Considered on NPR. In 2012, after years of touring with his band, Jim got the inspiration for a story too large to fit into song and began writing his debut novel, The Wakeful Wanderer’s Guide. He is currently working on a third book in the trilogy. In February 2023, Jim flew to Iceland to record with producer Kurt Uenala on an electronic/acoustic/ambient album called Utopia Revisited, released this June. He is working on a new album with the band due out 2024. Jim lives in Boston, where he reads to his daughters, meditates, and drinks a fair bit of coffee.
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