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What I'm doing now.

Still, probaby a little too much.

guitar on a sofa

my new instrument

I have three writing projects going right now.

  1. The Wakeful Wanderer’s Guide number 3
  2. The Paradox Principle
  3. A series of short stories based on The Wakeful Wanderer’s Guide

The first two Wakeful Wanderer books are done and out there. The third is taking a while. Simultaneously, I'm finishing the Paradox Principle which is tricky, and working on my short story collection.

I'm getting ready to record a new album with Jim’s Big Ego. I'm also working on some songs. Some of these are at Patreon. Some of them are on YouTube.

I'm finishing an audiobook for The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide vol. 1, recorded by Brian Doser. We are editing it now.

I started a podcast with my friend Lionel which has 16 episodes up at

I'm working on an open-source GPL version of my web platform at Slabmedia. I’m also building a ton of cool new sites there.

I'm enjoying spending time with my kids. I'm reading Uprooted by Naomi Novik to them each night and I LOVE THAT BOOK.

I'm thrilled with my new guitar. Thank you, Collings for being amazing.

I am teaching meditation as part of a group of 4 teachers and 30+ guests that have been meeting online since the start of the pandemic. Join us at

I'm writing a song for James Stephanie Sterling for their shows.

I've lost over 30lbs since September. Thanks go to Noom. I'm cutting back on my coffee in favor of excellent tea from Upton Tea.

I've joined mastodon, an open source, federated series of social media services that has lots of promise.

I've probably forgotten something... oh – I'm trying to get more sleep and curb my procrastination.

updated: 5 months ago

I’m on Mastodon