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Jim Infantino

Jim Solo In Isolation Week 5 - 5pm EST Saturday, April 18, 2020 on YouTube Live

Jim Infantino playing live on YouTube from his sofa

SHOW LINK - join in at 5pm EST Saturday, April 18. (I test a little 5 mins early)

I will be doing my 5th Solo In Isolation show from my sofa live on YouTube this Saturday at 5pm EST. You can send requests to @jiminfantino on twitter or to me on facebook

Subscribe to the Jim's Big Ego YouTube Channel to get more information:

25% of all tips from Ko-fi and Venmo will go to the Passim Emergency Artist Releaf Fund

The shows run about an hour and I plan to have an after-party again on Zoom. I will post the link at the end of the show.

I hope this finds you well and healthy as we persist!

- Jim


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