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The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide to New New England & Beyond

a near future science fiction novel in progress - follow and support

The Wakeful Wanderer039s Guide to New New England amp Beyond

About the Book:

The story begins in what used to be Tarrytown New York. The great tide and subsequent collapse of the monetary system has completely changed the Northeast Corridor of the former United States. The focus is on Marto, a travel writer with a head full of implants. Like all other members of the interconnected tribes, he is in constant and immediate communication with his virtual community. He writes in his head as he rides his autonomous unicycle from town to town, gaining followers and fame. Marto gives a first hand account of life in the emerging and growing New England tribal communities.

His path is one of self discovery. Preoccupied with interviewing other people, he avoids the fact that his own origins are hidden from him. When he is confronted by a stranger carrying the key to unlocking his secret past, he embarks on an inevitable inner journey that will lead him to a critical choice. The narrative follows five additional characters, Helen, Barnabas, Nora, Reyleena, and Maxtor each of whom play key roles in the events as they unfold.

The Wakeful Wanderer’s Guide to New New England and Beyond is a compelling new novel, set in a comprehensively imagined near future, complete with dystopias and utopias side by side in constant conflict, a newly envisioned economy of Merit, exciting and disturbing innovations, and people desperate to revive a form of feudal society, free from invasive technologies. It paints a picture of a world that has been turned inside out, where people adapt and evolve, or resist and fight.

This is a first draft.

I am writing this book in public (some chapters open here, all chapters open to patrons) but keep in mind the whole thing will change when the chapters are complete and editing begins.

First chapter and some excerpts from later chapters are posted below.

Read the entire book as I write it by becoming a patron, and supporting me in this project:

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