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watch this space

Before and After Silence

hurry : work

the day is yelling
hurry! hurry! you're too late!
or is that just me?


last night i had fun
today i come back to work
i keep coming back
hurry  work

'floor1' by Zoë

updated: 3 years ago

reluctant : compassion

reluctant  compassion

'blanket 6' by Zoë

reluctant, i sit
a hundred reasons not to
stubborn faith alone


compassion is not
about you and i alone
only emptiness

updated: 3 years ago

bus : galaxies

bus  galaxies

'rug rug' by Zoë

concerned only with
my own happiness i curse
this wild crowded bus


we are galaxies
separated by vast space
born of one idea

updated: 3 years ago

agenda : rhythm

agenda  rhythm

'dada 8' by Zoë

there is time enough
for everything apart from
my own agenda


finally my mind
slows to the rythm of breath
when I hear the gong

updated: 3 years ago

puzzle : onion

puzzle  onion

'christmas' by Zoë

my daughter Zoë
solves a puzzle by touching
everything she can


like an onion skin
all of space and time appears
to the perceiver

updated: 3 years ago

pot : inverted

pot  inverted

'lightscape' by Zoë

in the large office
someone brews a second pot
I am not alone


unaware am i
the dimensions of this space
inverted somehow

updated: 3 years ago

dishes : tiger

dishes  tiger

'quilt dream' by Zoë

dishes in the sink
an angry monster to fight
or a wise teacher


walking through the trees
the tiger pulls a long tail
following it back

updated: 3 years ago

dark : snow

dark  snow

'baby' by Zoë

dark thoughts, cold morning
i trudge to work in the snow
ignorant and sad


i sit with my thoughts
outside, snow gradually
covers everything

updated: 3 years ago

ocean : breath

ocean  breath

'mote' by Zoë

the new day ocean
seems to cover the horizon
only a mirage


more precious than food
or water or bright jewels
this breath, this breath, ...

updated: 3 years ago

wet : space

wet  space

'edge' by Zoë

rain on my wool coat
smelling like an english sheep
I stay dry enough


in the space of mind
which is true space, only space
infinite freedom

updated: 3 years ago

gum : wandering

gum  wandering

'ghost' by Zoë

bad breath, a sore throat
you should buy some gum today
my wife says to me


my wandering mind
slow down the clock by magic
one breath lasts forever

updated: 3 years ago

anger : unravelling

anger  unravelling

'and and bee 4' by Zoë

anger in action
hot and uncomfortable
sleeping and steering


my mind as it is
unravelling into space
what is there to say?

updated: 3 years ago

early : silent

early  silent

'leg 12' by Zoë

Im at work early
the building is so quiet
pipes gurgle and drip


silent gong, no bell
how long have I been sitting?
there is no way to tell

updated: 3 years ago

noise : coffee

noise  coffee

'self portrait with curls' by Zoë

aggressive language
incomprehensible noise
a leaky ceiling


coffee is ready
i drink to wake myself up
and also, I sit ...

updated: 3 years ago

flame : gratitude

flame  gratitude

'toes1' by Zoë

my plans are aflame
my expectations, ashes
okay! now begin.


gratitude hangs up
behind my desk chair shouting
GRATITUDE! all day.

updated: 3 years ago

elbow : this

elbow  this

'emergence' by Zoë

My life is so full
frustration and joyfulness
elbow each other


is or not is
not both nor neither nor none
this is not a word

updated: 3 years ago

bone : snow

bone  snow

'blanket5' by Zoë

sit mind, sit. wait mind.
bone a bone must run and fetch
no bone mind, sit mind


heating or cooling
it stands up on metal legs
under the light snow

updated: 3 years ago

time : form

time  form

'form transition' by Zoë

time alone and time
apart from my beloveds
I open my heart


form and formation
snakes made of water and wind
wriggle and ripple

updated: 3 years ago