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I am this.

I am this
No one likes to "define" themselves. This should be a window into the main problem of our existence. If we say "this is who I am" and write it down, we fear that we will be forever limited to that description. And yet, it is helpful for others to know that we are this and not that when they are deciding to read our blog, or sit with us in silence, or come to hear us read or speak or sing.

So, I am a longtime songwriter and meditator, living in Boston, who grew up in Manhattan, who was a Mets and is now a Red Sox fan, I am an entrepreneur, liberal, husband, father, band leader of Jim's Big Ego, guitar player, singer, sometimes poet and writer. I am a web ninja, and designer, I blog a bit. I tweet, I am sometimes on facebook, but not always. I am not afraid of technology... yet.

updated: 3 years ago